We Can and Will Build You The Nicest Home For The Least Amount Of Money

We are offering for a limited time a "Cost Plus Program" that will literally put Tens of Thousands in your pocket!

This is better than any "help you build" program, because we manage the entire project as if we were building a normal custom. The difference is your getting a better price than a "u-build it" program.

We also do extensive remodels on existing homes. With our experience, we can provide you with an addition or just a new kitchen or bath. Let us know what your looking for and we'll get your project done quickly and efficiently.



This means you can get a custom home and upgrades at the lowest possible price ever. Its like buying at wholesale pricing

Imagine getting a multi-million dollar quality home at wholesale pricing. What could you afford now? What kind of details would it have now? Well that's what we are offering for a limited time only!

Drive by the home listed below and see for yourself the type of quality that has been reserved for the mega rich, until now, but only for a limited time.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, unless we have another housing bubble in the near future. We all know that's very unlikely, so if your considering building your own home, now is the time to act, before you miss out.

Were talking about the highest quality homes period, not the cookie cutter track homes that are built as cheap as possible to meet a price point. Our homes will out last any of those homes, because we use the highest quality materials. And now you can get it at wholesale prices.

To see our latest home drive by:

21125 Church Lake Dr E, Bonney Lake, Wa 98391 on Lake Tapps. It's on the corner of "Old Vandermark" & "Church lake Dr E." just off of "214th".


It's a 10,000 Sq ft Tuscan Masterpiece with an 8 car garage. This home speaks for itself.


Imagine what we can build for you and how little you can get it for, at least until the housing market starts to turn.


When it comes to Building the Most Energy Efficient Homes, Renaissance Luxury Homes LLC can offer you more options than any other builder.

Whether you are looking for an ICF Concrete Home or any of the other types of homes, we can help you Design and build your next Dream Home.

From 1000 sq ft to over 10,000 sqft you will get the most energy efficient home possible. This will save you the maximum amount of money year after year.

You will also get a higher price and have an easier time when it comes time to resale your home. The homes we build are usually designed to be lower maintenance, which will save you money and give you more time to spend with your family and friends.

We build in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State. We can design and build any style home and build to a much higher standard than most builders.


When you walk through one of our homes the quality is quite evident to the eyes. Most people cannot believe what they get in one of our homes, for the same price of a lesser quality homes.



(This is a domed ceiling with recessed lighting)

Our best home option is the "ICF Concrete" home, which features a solid concrete and rebar exterior wall and regular wood partition interior walls. As an option you can specify steel framed interiors.

You may also specify concrete floors and roof if you want the ultimate in high end home materials. The options are endless, for some ideas ask to see some of our latest homes.

WE also have a lot of experience designing and building on sloped or difficult lots. You can rest assured that no one will build a better home, because no one cares more about your ultimate satisfaction as much as Renaissance Luxury Homes LLC.

Your satisfaction comes before our companies bottom line profit. We believe "every home we build will forever stand as a testament to the passion and commitment to quality that went into your Home".


Energy Efficient Homes are the future and we have embraced that purpose in our company. That's why we specialize in Energy Efficient Homes.

We also strive to build the most energy efficient homes possible when it comes to traditional Stick Built homes. We use special insulation techniques as well as higher grade materials to ensure a highly efficient home.

Lasting Value, Highest Quality Workmanship, Complete Satisfaction


With Renaissance Luxury Homes:

*Your Home will be more comfortable with less drafts

*It will Be Quieter

*Your New Home will be More Solid Than other Homes

*Your Home Will Be Built From The Best Materials Available

*You Will Have The Best Home That Can Be Built. Period

Your Complete Satisfaction Comes Before Our Bottom Line Profit


Talking about using the best materials is just that, but at Renaissance Luxury Homes, Its a Fact that is visually evident in every area of your custom home. See it for Yourself.

Most builders only build 2x4 or 2x6 wood homes. We build the best homes possible, using either of the following:

ICF Concrete Homes: This is our personal favorite and is recommended for the most discriminating buyer. If You want an absolutely solid home that will without a doubt last multiple lifetimes, then this is the home for you.

SIPS Homes: This is our next choice in homes. It is very energy efficient and also builds fairly quickly. Its Highly Efficient, but not as structurally robust as the ICF homes.

Steel Framed: This type of home is very much like the traditional wood stick built homes, but is framed with steel studs.

Its primary Feature is renewable resources, stronger than wood and builds nice and straight. It is a little more involved and careful consideration should be given to any upgrades or custom features. A very nice home can be built using steel.

Wood Stick Built: This is the normal type of construction that you are familiar with. When we build this type of home we do a lot more to make sure its as strong and efficient as possible. We use the highest quality wood and use special insulation techniques to ensure a quality home.

To Start the Process On Your Energy Efficient Home Contact Us At:

Renaissance Luxury Homes LLC


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